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Why Choose Us?

At Advanced Reproductive Specialists, our goal is to provide our patients with a thorough and complete fertility investigation in a warm, supportive and caring environment. Identification of the underlying fertility issues, along with an explanation of all possible options from most conservative to aggressive is the only way couples will be able to make a comfortable, well-informed decision during a very stressful time.

Our IVF program is outstanding with one of the most experienced embryologists as well as the most advanced equipment available.  One of the reasons for our success is that we treat the couple comprehensively and don’t just “shuttle” couples into the IVF process missing the important management of coexisting conditions that may be the reason for the problem in the first place and ultimately resulting in lower overall IVF success.  Many times we see patients with a history of failed IVF cycles at another center that unfortunately never had their underlying condition treated while they went through IVF.  If they had a comprehensive approach from the onset, the emotional roller-coaster may have been avoided.  It is frustrating as physicians to see diagnoses overlooked and patients not treated appropriately.  We offer the most skilled surgical approach to infertility, endometriosis and fibroids available in the Southeast.  We are ranked top in the nation in the treatment of endometriosis through advanced laparoscopic excision.  Very few surgeons in the country provide this type of therapy.  This may be performed with both traditional laparoscopy or robotic surgery.  Our comprehensive metabolic approach to PCOS and ovulation disorders has more than doubled our pregnancy rates without requiring IVF.  We have a highly specialized and skilled staff of Nurses and Female Nurse Practitioners Incorporating Mind / Body and Nutrition aspects into fertility care.  

We consider it a privilege to serve you as a patient, we care about you, and we are focused and committed to your goal of attaining pregnancy.  Choosing a Reproductive Medicine Practice is a very important and often confusing task. As the fertility consumer, there are some impediments to this choice. Reproductive medicine practices differ in their approach to diagnosis, treatment and the patient relationship. During the evolution of our specialty, the emphasis has become a more treatment focused approach. Fewer diagnostic studies and a more rapid move toward treatment which focuses financial resources on the endpoint, which is pregnancy.

Our goal at Advanced Reproductive Specialists is to utilize the above philosophy to help us diagnosis and approach problems with targeted treatment. Although we utilize IVF as an important treatment modality for many couples, it is certainly not the first line of treatment offered to most patients. Our hope is to help couples become comfortable with their need for assistance with pregnancy and strive to meet our goals as close to the “old fashioned” way as possible. If you are a patient that requires IVF, we hope to help you come to this decision with comfort and the peace of mind that our step wise approach to treatment helps achieve. We always want patients to feel like they have choices, and we strive to never push patients towards a treatment option they may not be ready for.

We have made great efforts to find ways of improving conservative therapies which are less expensive and less time intensive for our patients, while increasing our pregnancy rates. Our goal is to reduce the need for IVF in couples that may be good candidates for less aggressive treatments. Examples include a major focus on the metabolic aspects of PCOS and mind body / focus that helps with other subtle disorders of ovulation. This treatment approach has significantly reduced the need for IVF in our patients. In many cases, we see patients where a short trial of Clomid was used and if unsuccessful, recommendations were made for IVF. It has been our experience that this group of patients can achieve pregnancy with simple alterations to their treatment plans.  

There have been some controversial areas within our specialty and often access to only certain information on the internet has left patients with inappropriate and misinformation. ICSI, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, has fallen into this category. ICSI has been revolutionary for couples with severe male factor sub-fertility and can be the only successful treatment. It does however, have some theoretic concerns regarding sperm choice and egg damage during the procedure. Additionally, it adds significantly to the cost of IVF. ICSI is used by some programs in all or the large majority of patients. In our practice, we utilize ICSI in cases where it is necessary (20-30%), but have not applied this expensive therapy to all comers. Often offered as a rationale for this excessive use is the “fear” of fertilization failure. The concern among patients becomes revealed particularly when a semen analysis is abnormal. At Advanced Reproductive Specialists, we find that in many of these instances, fertilization occurs normally and ICSI is not required.

We have developed several different approaches to aid couples who struggle to afford IVF and other fertility treatments. Our novel oral and injectable cycles provide a blend of high pregnancy rates with relatively low cost compared to conventional injectable drug therapy. 

In conclusion, everyone at Advanced Reproductive Specialists knows that we are here to serve the couple.  We strive to diagnose, educate and counsel couples on the underlying issues so they may make a well-informed decision, knowing all the options and the likelihood of pregnancy through each.  We have excellent pregnancy rates from conservative treatments to IVF.  If a comprehensive effective approach in a warm, caring environment is appealing,  Advanced Reproductive Specialists is the place to be. 

We look forward to assisting you in building your family!