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Tubal Reversal

Both IVF and Tubal Reversal Surgery are options for treatment in patients with a prior tubal ligation.  The surgery is now performed as an outpatient with a small incision just above the hairline.   An incision is necessary in order to use a microscope so that we can use sutures smaller than human hair and thus maximize our success rates.  There are some individuals now offering laparoscopic tubal reversals but with lower success than open procedures.  Now that we are doing outpatient tubal reversal procedures, the cost of the procedure has been dramatically reduced (see below) and patients can return to work more quickly (10-14 days in most cases).
Tubal Reversal Surgery is the most successful fertiltiy treatment we offer.  For patients under age 35 with no other fertility problems, the success rate is over 90%.  Many reproductive medicine programs don’t even offer this surgical procedure any more because they push IVF as a primary service.  We believe that in most cases, Tubal Reversal Surgery is the most appropriate procedure for couples in whom the female partner has had a prior tubal ligation.  For one cost of roughly $6,500 (see below), couples get the equivalent pregnancy rate of 3 cycles of IVF.  Three IVF cycles would cost roughly $25,000, which is dramatically more costly than tubal reversal surgery.
          Physician’s Fee                                     $4,500.00
          Anesthesia Fee                                         $550.00
          Parkside Surgery Center Fee                     $1,520.00
                       Total                                            $6570.00
The Physician Fee of $4500.00 must be paid in full in our office before surgery scheduling.
 The Parkside Surgery Center Fee and Anesthesia Fee of $2055.00 ($1520 + $550) must be paid in full to Parkside Surgery Center prior to the surgery.  This is done when you go to the facility for Pre-registration.  The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.  If you are from out of town we would recommend a two or three night stay (one before surgery and 1 or 2 after surgery).  For travel information, please call our office.