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PCOS/ Metabolic Home

In late 2004, our practice made the decision to add a strong emphasis on the metabolic and nutritional aspects of PCOS and Insulin Resistance as it applied to ovulation and fertility. Since that time we have refined our approach to cover all potential treatment options for this most misunderstood disease. Our pregnancy rates have more than doubled with this approach and patients overall have a much better quality of life.

In addition, for ovulation induction, we adopted the use of Letrozole early on in 2004. This drug, as opposed to Clomid, has no negative or anti-pregnancy effects and has been much more successful. Experience with Letrozole has demonstrated to us that it is very different from a monitoring and timing standpoint than Clomid. Due to our experience, we have developed very effective protocols using Letrozole. This too has boosted our overall non-IVF pregnancy rates. Advanced Reproductive Specialists has made a significant investment in highly skilled nurses and nurse practitioners to deliver the highest quality care to you as a couple.