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Our Approach


We have learned over the past several years that emphasizing metabolic aspects and nutritional change in our patients has made a tremendous difference in our pregnancy rates.  This relates to Insulin stimulation of the ovary causing too many male hormones (those hormones that cause acne, oily skin etc.) to be produced.  This is the hallmark of Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but can also affect patients who have normal ovulation.  This idea is supported by recent studies showing that IVF pregnancy rates are significantly increased when NORMAL patients are placed on Glucophage (Metformin).  These male hormones significantly hamper normal egg development which will dramatically lower a couples chances of pregnancy in any type cycle including IVF.

Miscarriage is also significantly increased in ovulation disorders.  For example, in non-treated PCOS patients the miscarriage rate can be well over 50%.  This is a little known or recognized fact even among reproductive specialists.  By normalizing the ovarian hormonal environment, the miscarriage rate returns to normal or we think maybe below normal.  Therefore, attention to these problems further increases your chance of successful pregnancy and lowers the cost of your treatment.

This approach is so effective that currently out of our IVF patients, less than 10% have pure ovulation problems as their diagnosis.  This is due to the fact that over 90% now become pregnant in our non-IVF protocol emphasizing these metabolic areas.   In prior years Clomid pregnancy rates were ~40%.  Our practice approach relates to identifying all the subtle issues that can be tuned up to improve your overall chances no matter what type of treatment we are utilizing.   Over the years, we have learned from patients what the subtle clues to many of these negative fertility factors are.  Special attention to identifying and treating these factors, significantly increases your chances of pregnancy and decreases your risk of miscarriage in any given cycle.

We hope this gives you a glimpse at the care with which we offer to maximize your pregnancy rate in the overall treatment program due to specific attention to all aspects of fertility.  The ideas contained above exemplify our unyielding commitment to build your family!