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Sperm Aspiration

Here at Advanced Reproductive Specialists, we have been utilizing epididymal and testicular aspiration in the office for several years. This has the advantage of being cost effective and efficient. The procedure is done under magnification to help ensure a successful outcome. Sperm retrievals are offered to patients with azoospermia (no sperm in the ejaculated specimen), Kleinfelter’s and to male patients with tubal obstruction most commonly associated with prior vasectomy. We do this as an in office procedure, to be utilized in conjunction with IVF and ICSI. It can be performed either at the same time or remotely from an IVF cycle and can be done as a diagnstic procedure in patients with azoospermia. This is an alternative to vasectomy reversal and can be a most effective way to achieve a pregnancy.

Depending on the diagnosis, either epidydimal or testicular sperm will be sought. In many cases, there is a good amount of epididymal sperm available for harvest. If none is found, testicular sperm is sought through biopsy. This is done at the time of retrieval if necessary. Recovery time for this procedure is 2-3 days before patients are up and around and can return to work.