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Cryopreservation Of Embryos & Sperm

Advanced Reproductive Specialists houses a full service cryopreservation program for gametes (sperm and eggs) and embryos. All standard of care cryopreservation procedures are utilized in our program. We provide sperm freezing and storage for male partners who will be unavailable at the time of IVF or ovulation, for sperm retrieval patients, donor sperm and for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or surgery. Egg freezing is still considered an experimental therapy and not for general Reproductive Medicine use. We are monitoring this situation and plan to offer this service as soon as it has been more carefully studied and evidence reveals its safety for general use. Ovarian tissue freezing is also being considered as a preservation therapy for patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy.

Embryo freezing is offered to all patients undergoing IVF for spare embryos that have the potential for viability. These embryos can be used at a later date in a less involved cryo transfer cycle without the intensive stimulation required in a fresh IVF cycle. We also work with embryo donation patients and take transfer of donated or stored embryos from other facilities. Embryos for long term storage will be transferred to a commercial long term storage facility.