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Male Evaluation

Male fertility concerns are present in at least 40% of couples presenting for fertility care. Unfortunately, often the male partner is not evaluated thoroughly in the basic evaluation and there has traditionally been little focus on male partner evaluation and treatment. At Advanced Reproductive Specialists, we offer and provide a thorough male evaluation and treatment program geared to identifying and treating all disorders of the male partner that could influence fertility. We see both the male and the female partner during the evaluation.

The basic evaluation consists of semen analysis which we provide on site. The semen analysis is a test that is very operator dependent. The difference between an abnormal and normal test is very small and the technique used by an inexperienced operator can significantly alter test results. The commercial labs where most of our health care labs are sent do very few semen analysis and therefore do not have a dedicated person for semen analysis testing. These labs are also not involved in semen preparation for fertility treatment which further improves a persons skill in semen evaluation. Our lab is staffed by personnel who are highly skilled in this procedure. We feel that it is in your best interest as a couple seeking fertility treatment to obtain a quality test since these results will significantly alter the treatment recommendations. Often, due to the wide day to day variation in sperm numbers, we might repeat the test once to get a second reference point to better pinpoint what is the normal range for a particular patient. Later if abnormalities are discovered, we may order hormone lab testing and possibly chromosome testing based on our findings.

We perform Intrauterine insemination 7 days a week, and offer ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection) in conjunction with our IVF program to those patients requiring this service. We only utilize ICSI in those patients where we feel it is absolutely necessary unlike many programs that use this in most cycles. It is a very helpful procedure and has revolutionized the treatment of male factor infertility but has a slightly increased incidence of genetic abnormalities associated with its use. In addition, if necessary, we perform sperm retrievals on our male patients. We do this as an in office procedure, to be utilized in conjunction with IVF and ICSI. This is an alternative to vasectomy reversal and can be a most effective way to achieve a pregnancy in those patients as well.