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Compassionate Egg Donation

Egg Donation is a common procedure now used for the treatment of egg related fertility problems.  Two types of egg donation are currently available:  anonymous and compassionate.  Anonymous donation utilizes donors recruited and screened by our practice (see anonymous egg donation page).  The identity of these donors is confidential, both for your protection and to protect the donor.  In contrast,Compassionate egg donation utilizes primarily family (related) donors but in certain situations known or arranged donors may be used.  Family donors can be sisters, nieces or cousins either local or out of town.  For out of town donors, only 1-2 days are required in Jacksonville to complete the egg retrieval.

Psychological studies strongly support the fact that for women, bonding is primarily with the pregnancy and the delivery and not with the origin of the egg.  For these reasons family egg donation is usually not problematic in contrast to family sperm donation which historically has created many problems later in family dynamics.  In our experience, by the time patients reach their pregnancy test, they have all but forgotten the strange feeling they encounter when they first consider egg donor and the excitement of their success becomes the focus.

In family donor situations, the donor age criteria can be relaxed.  The ideal donor age is 30 and younger, but older family donors can be used.  Ovarian reserve testing can be provided to get an idea of the chances of pregnancy in donors over the age of 30.  As always with IVF, the chances of pregnancy are related to the age of the eggs.  For the 30 and under group, the chance of pregnancy is greater than 50%.  Individual pregnancy rates can be given for donor ages over 30 after testing.