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At Advanced Reproductive Specialists, our mission is to help couples maximize their ability to conceive a child by providing personalized and superior quality fertility treatment. We offer a friendly, compassionate, and caring environment where couples can undergo comprehensive diagnosis and treatment. Our multidisciplinary approach provides a skilled team of highly qualified physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, and laboratory personnel poised to assist you with the most appropriate state-of-the-art treatments for your individual needs. We have achieved an excellent success rate for our patients.

Each member of our staff plays an integral role in caring for and educating our patients. Like you, our primary objective is to help couples achieve their dream of having a baby. We understand the importance of teamwork. That is why our patients’ care is closely coordinated with their referring physicians. In addition, we believe it is important to treat the entire patient and address the medical, social, and psychological issues of infertility. We have excellent experienced consultants that can aid patients in dealing with the complex issues surrounding fertility care. At Advanced Reproductive Specialists, our work centers completely around you as a couple.

Our secondary mission is to achieve a pregnancy utilizing the most conservative, least expensive, and closest to natural means possible. Our specialty has evolved into an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) weighted specialty characterized by practices offering and recommending IVF as a first treatment to patients presenting for therapy. It is our clear impression from years of practice that patients want to become pregnant utilizing the least technical means possible. At Advanced Reproductive Specialists, we are committed to providing you with this approach and are proud of our extensive success utilizing long established conservative fertility treatments. Likewise, our IVF program has been very successful for patients that eventually need this more advanced therapy. We will work diligently as a team to provide you with the most appropriate cost effective treatment in your particular situation.

It is difficult for patients to choose a reproductive medicine practice. The SART statistics (reported program success rates) published on the web were originally developed to help patients compare programs but these numbers are very difficult for patients to interpret (see interpreting SART statistics in “news and information”). We believe that not only are SART statistics easily manipulated but may in fact select out programs counter to patients’ best interests. The most important question you can ask is what percentage of patients who present for treatment to a practice actually achieve pregnancy and what percentage were offered or were steered primarily toward IVF. Programs that primarily offer IVF are likely not going to invest the time and effort to use more conservative methods to achieve pregnancy. Again, at Advanced Reproductive Specialists, we work very hard to help you achieve pregnancy with the least invasive and least costly treatment both from a financial and emotional perspective. Yet, should you need IVF we are proud of our successes utilizing this exciting treatment. Over time, we have found that patients always prefer conservative treatments over IVF in their attempts to achieve pregnancy.